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I've noticed they've eased up on the low grades in the past week. Specifically on gas shops. Maybe they got the message?

Never mind. I take it back!


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Two shops that I did I received a 10 for each. For the next two shops, a 6 for each. For the shops with a 6 rating, the comments were the same:
-Make sure POP/OSA is marked correctly. -Make sure all fields start with a capital letter followed by mixed case.

BTW, I put the period at the end of each sentence, the editor did not use any punctuation.

With regard to the POP, I believe I did mark it correctly since there was outdated POP. As for using a Capital letter, the only area where I write anything would be the name of the attendant and what I purchased. I always use capital letter for the person's name, but not for the purchased item.
I find it interesting that the first 2 shops were tens and the last 2 were sixes. It makes me wonder if the editor for the first 2 was not the same as the last 2. I did not use a Capital letter for the purchased item for the first 2 shops.
It makes me wonder if I have a truly nit picking editor.

If so, I would like to point out to that fussypants editor that this is not a "White Glove" audit!
All of my reports are consistently good quality. I have been providing the same quality for 10 years. Some of my reports come back as a 10, some as an eight, some as a six, and they all have vague reasons for being marked off. I've decided to just not care anymore. I will provide good reports, get paid, and continue to work. That's all I care about.
I've gotten mostly tens with some 8's after doing these for years. The comments on the 8's don't usually make sense to me so I just shrug and let it go. The most recent one was to be sure to mark off for bollards not up to standards. The bollards had a few scratches..that's it. Geesh, I will continue to do them as I always have and check the grades for giggles.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

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my first report came back a 10, all that was missing was the excellent! sticker to make me feel even prouder of myself. seriously though, it’s interesting that it shows the reviewers email address.
I got a grade of 2! In an 18 pumps gas station truckstop, because I did not take a full photo of the front entrance showing doors and windows. Apparently I should had asked all cars parked in front of the store to move so I can take the photo and most of the building. for another location, when I took a photo of the door and windows but not the entire building, a grader marked me down for doing that. They can not even be consistent.

I think the grader should add his/her initial on every shop. I did a route, the locations were nearly identical on everything because they are owned by a regional company. Yet, others were graded 10 and others 8 because of minor errors. For example, ACL that give their names, you can see the pattern in grading.

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Sounds to me like the editors are trying to justify their jobs. Have to find something to prove that you are actually needed.
Yep. There's one editor who will give me something between a 2 and 6. The others give me 10s. I agree with the person who said, "The only score I care about is 'ok to pay!'"
I have a "1" due to no fault of my own, but it wasn't worth the argument. I have a whole pile (more than 75%) of ungraded shops, and the rest are 10's. One 9 in there. Plus, a comment about all of the scores being even numbers. Trying to figure out when 9 became an even number???

So, my average is up to an 8. I'm hoping that they grade the gas stations that they just moved over, since I don't know how I could get less than an 8 on them. Probably all 10's, I'd assume.

Oh yeah. They're grading the gas stations. I got a 10, which pays the same as an 8 BTW. Whoo hoo!

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SCM-I hear you...'just pay me' is my motto! I love the gas station editors who drop a photo and then give the shopper a lower grade for not including the photo.....used to bug me, but I just don't care anymore!
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