The system is really weeding out bad shoppers. Clearly, you are not one of them since you care so much! smiling smiley Unfortunately like any job, there will be people that are better at their job than others. Some editors have been doing this for ten plus years while there are ones that are brand new and tend to be overly picky. So don't sweat it!

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@jay225 wrote:

you’re right. i guess i was just fortunate enough to avoid the 2’s until getting hit with multiple ones in one week. some editors almost seem to be taking a white glove approach. i’m still used to maritz when we didn’t have to deal with any of that.

Maritz had a grading system as well, they just kept it private. I really haven't had any problems with the editors.
For anyone doing these shops, just remember that "internal comments" is your friend.
had anyone else noticed that sometimes the most recent scores don’t show up as last or factored into the average? for me those are always the 10’s. i wonder if that’s the editor forgetting to do a step, and if the rating will still show up in the system?
@pambam57 wrote:

Yep. There's one editor who will give me something between a 2 and 6. The others give me 10s. I agree with the person who said, "The only score I care about is 'ok to pay!'"

Just an FYI: If you read the information on the shops, on the Job Board, there is a notation: "For shops to be self assigned, the shopper must have a grade of 7 or higher."
Hence, the score does matter.

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