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I have a bad back and we have snow drifts. I had several shops and ran into weather issues and just need some advocacy to get paid for my shops. I was torn down by IPSOS and told they did not help people like me. tried to get permission to do shops early to avoid having so many shops to do in one day--8. I do not drive and had trouble navigating the snow so things took longer. I tried to get an extension no avail. Please help me get paid for 3 shops.

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I'm not understanding what 3 shops you want to be paid for. Did you actually do the shops and aren't being paid? Or did you schedule the shops, then try to reschedule but the reschedule was denied? So you weren't able to do the shops early and you weren't able to get an extension?
You have 7 posts, all regarding not being able to complete shops due to brain injury, ability to understand directions and lack of driving. Mystery shopping is not a job where they are required to accommodate a disability. It is an independent contractor situation where you do gig work. I do not think that this is for you. If you cannot drive and live somewhere that weather is an issue, this is not likely going to work out for you.
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