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Good luck on getting the answers you need. I can't help you with them because I decided not to do the chicken shop after seeing how negative most of the Yelp reviews were for the location near me.

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I saw bad yelp reviews here too but my location is the burger store that has chicken on the menu also. and the burger place is highly rated on yelp so I thihk i can order from the entire menu but i need to check it out on chat Monday. It looks like one long menu as this is a combo location with both chicken and burgers on it. So I am doing a chicken shop at teh burger restaurant. We shall see.
I'm getting a message that it's not secure to log in as well, and I have a report due. I took a screenshot and sent it to my scheduler.
I reached out to my scheduler and she says IT should have it fixed by the morning. So at least she was aware of the issue (mine is not due until tomorrow).
@PA Shopper wrote:

@BusyBeeBuzzBuzzBuzz wrote:

According to the site just now, there are no available shops in California. Uh huh. Right.
I wonder if the issue in CA is the terrible Independent Contractor law they passed - AB 5. Companies my just opt out of doing Mystery shopping because lawmakers don't' have a clue of what their unintended consequences are.

PA, from what I can tell, AB 5 is for the benefit of individuals. CA's laws are designed largely for the greater good. CA is ahead of its time in protecting its workers. I'm fairly new to the state, but this is what I've seen and what a friend who has been here for decades has confirmed.

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Regarding others' saying that the site shows a lack of security, I use Firefox and see no warning, and the lock indicating a secure site is in the URL line.

I agree that it's more difficult having to scroll so much to see shops. Let's hope they change it back. Especially bad is that everything except the title of the shop is in gray. Besides yellow, is there a worse color to try to read text?

I hope that the powers that be at ACL visit this thread and heed our complaints/suggestions.

ETA: I can click on the list view, and it works, although IMO there is still too much wasted space where information could be, especially at the top.
I don't see the red stripe mentioned by someone.

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