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Good Morning!

Does anyone know if the MF gas stations are still quarterly? I would like to MAO, but know they are not going very high if they are sticking with the quarterly shops.

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Depends on which client it is.

Since they are already at MAO on at least one client, I would lean toward that client being a regular monthly one. Quarterly wouldn't go to MAO until sometime in March, when it looks like they might not meet deadline.
That is what I kind of thought as well. It just seems like they are doing MAO way early the last few times the gas stations have been on the board.
I will say this -- for the ones where I am, I did every one I could in October. They were all highly bonused. Then they were not on the board at all for November. Again in December.
Now they are on the board at MAO, nighttime only (which I can't do).

The two months I didn't see them MAY have been rotation -- but may NOT have been, as locations I did not shop also weren't on the board.

Which makes me think they are quarterly.

Historically, they try to get as many done as night shops as they possibly can; then, at the last moment, they switch them to day or night. They may have a quota of "night shops".

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Not all MF gas stations are quarterly.

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