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If you are using a program like Turbo Tax to do your taxes, if you say you have a 1099 form it will require information that you don't have. Just enter the revenue on Schedule C. Turbo Tax will permit that. Expenses, of course, are also tracked on Schedule C.
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greetings i have yet to get my 1099s but i have the amount, I need the Tax ID to file for my taxes. Can someone tell me how to get it? or better yet copy of my 1099?

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Hello! Does the Ipsos 1099 include only the shopper pay amount, or does it also include the reimbursement amount as well? Also, does Ipsos issue separate 1099's for the various platforms (Shopmetrics, Sassie, Maritz, Presto Shopper), or do they combine the shopper pay for all those platforms into one 1099? Thank you!
Ok I received 2 1099-NEC from IPSOS in the beginning of Feb. with 2 different amounts. Then later in Feb. I received a 1099-NEC from IPSOS but this one has corrected checked at the top. I also have a 1099-NEC from Maritz. How do I know which one to use?
I received several from IPSOS too plus the corrected one. I did my taxes based on my own records.

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