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Lately I've been complaining quite a bit about EPMS so I thought it was only fair to share something they did recently that made me happy.

I completed a report on Tuesday and on Wednesday received an email from the editor. She wanted something clarified as according to the email I did not completely answer one of their questions. I thought to myself that I was sure I did answer it, twice actually, in the report.

Before I could send a reply I received another email from the editor. It was to say that she was wrong. She reread the report and did find where I had answered the question and she was apolgozing for the previous email. I thought it was nice she took the time to apologize.

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Very cool of them to let you know you did submit the correct info. I always hate getting emails that tell me I did something wrong or submitted something wrong especially when I know I did it right.
The reports are long, and they're awkwardly disjointed. I feel the pay is about par, and fair enough.
I like the way they pay and the large availability of shops in my area. They do have horrible redundant paperwork. I finished a shop today and spent and hour on the paperwork. They are a good company though to work for. I did nine shops for them last month and probably will do just as many this month. I just endure the paperwork and also make sure I only do 1 shop for them a day. I did three in one day and spent half the night doing the paperwork. That will never happen again.
EMPS is ridiculous. Many of the apartments have automated telephone service so you have to get permission to leave a message making it impossible to speak to your target without making it obvious. They spam me with dozens of emails and I'm so burned out by them. They are too tedious and near impossible to complete within the deadline. Every report I have done has been corresponded to me because the editor missed facts that were included in the report. I hate that because it slows payment down.
Also love the required target is not on the schedule! Happens a lot. Not worth it considering they have a copy of your ID at the apt. Beware if they flunk.
I have done both audio and video shops for EPMS. some of these have the same, lengthy reports. Others have a 5 miniute report. If you have your own recording equiment that meets their product standards, they pay a bonus. Unlike other video MSCs, they do not pay for travel.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I had a run in with an editor at EPMS. I went to do a shop I kn ew that before I went there were no apartments for rent. However the target was going to show me an apartment that would give me an idea of how the apartments are layed out. I filled out the report and submitted it and the editor wanted ne to make some changes. She said I needed to let the target close on the apartment. I then told her that there were no apartments available until at the middle to end of September. She finally got the message as she e-mailed me saying they would accept it as I had written it. An hour later I got anothe e-mail saying the assignment was cancelled amd that was it I would not be paid. I called EPMS the nesxt day and spoke to some on highup and told her the whole story. She then confirmed that there were no apartments available at that time I said yes and the she said she would accept the assignment. I checked back and it was accepted. I'm glad I stood up and got this matter resolved.

I accepted 2 audio assignments for Ellis in the same batch of jobs. I was required to wire up, record the call, upload the shop AND complete a full written report. In addition, I ran the risk of earning no fee due to a technical problem and was only paid 1/2 the normal bonus for using my equipment. This was too much time and risk for the money; If, though, a written report hadn't been necessary the fee was quite acceptable. I time the reporting of new jobs and each of these came in at almost 1 3/4 hrs.

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Technical problems with audio and video equipment are a hazard that audio/video shoppers always have to take into account. I test my equipment before every shop; swap out batteries long before they show up as "low," etc. But, some days the recording gods just kick you in the teeth. Fortunately, the fellow in charge of audio and video shops at EPMS is a seperate department and more accustomed to the vagaries of this stuff than anyone on the "written report side." When in doubt about a ruling on the audio/video side, be SURE to speak with Robert.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
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