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So... I haven't done anything for Ipsos for a long time.... I got an email for a shop that caught my interest, however, in order to apply, I need to take a "pre-qualification screener." That's fine - I found the test just fine. However 100% is required to pass, there are no "go backs," and I only get one attempt -ever. So, I'd like to get a perfect score on my first attempt..... I'm fine with this, but..... I can't seem to find the shop guidelines - or whatever information they are testing.....

Where do I find the information that I need to pass this thing? I'm sure I'm simply not seeing it.....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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If this is for the home improvement shop, the pre-screener is to find out what kind of home improvement shopper you are. Its only a few questions, and they are questions about you - nothing from guidelines to know.
That was it.... I guess I didn't qualify.... Oh, well.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I asked the IPSOS about that. I "failed" that test. Anyway, I was told it was a screener to determine if you are a professional for their pro shops, and it has no effect on their other shops. I suggested that they should make that clear and not issue a "failed" score.
MF ask the scheduler to reset it for you.

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I did this and it was demographic questions and I failed. Not sure how you fail a demographics questions but my guess is they did not need my demographics. But to say you fail was a bit rude.
The only questions on it asked about my profession - and only whether or not I had such profession that would require regular use of a home improvement shop (electrician, carpenter, etc.). That's not me, so I "failed." I thought it odd as the posting in the job board and the email requesting help had no such mention. I did email the scheduler and she said that they did not require a "professional." I chose not to further pursue it as she had already assigned the shop to somebody else and I'm not shopping much anyhow due to the current extreme time requirements of my profession. I had only looked at it as it was one of those "desperate" offers with a bonus of $225 attached.....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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