ACE Mystery Shopping reimbursement-only shops where you buy jewelry

I keep getting emails from ACE Mystery Shopping for a new shop where you need to buy a piece of inexpensive jewelry from an online site (but by phone), but it's reimbursement only (up to $15, including shipping). Oddly it's only for age 40+. Has anyone done these before? I'm not real inclined to do a reimbursement-only shop for something I don't need when there is a chance I won't even get reimbursed. But having this thread will hopefully be useful for anyone considering doing it.

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I received numerous emails, but that shop doesn't appeal to me. Nothing on that site I would even want, yet alone just for reimbursement.
I did something like it last year, and have worn the scarf I purchased multiple times. Because you can't do more than one of the shops I think the company is hoping to get repeat customers.

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I, too, did something similar for a different company. ACE is requiring only shoppers who do not have an account with the online site.
@BusyBeeBuzzBuzzBuzz wrote:

There's a $5 fee now in addition to a $15 reimbursement.
Yes, I thought that had changed. How quickly do they pay?
That is good to know they added a fee. I browsed the website when I first got the email but the baubles and gewgaws didn't appeal to me.

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First time customers should get free shipping and 20% off, but there's sales tax. So, a shopper can order something that is listed above $15 and still be covered. I am not interested in jewelry and a lot of their items, either, but they do have useful (to me) items, such as socks, blankets, etc.
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