Grace Hill Apartment Shops

I didn't want to hijack the other thread, so here goes.

Grace Hill consistently has two apartment shops within my shopping area.

How are the reports?

How are they to work with? Are they excessively picky? I've done multiple EPMS shops without a problem.

Most importantly, how do they pay? On time? Is $30 reasonable for the amount of work?


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Grace Hill is a reliable company...I've never had any issues with them and have, several times, done enough of their shops to get a 1099...... Be sure to read the evaluation forms before you make your visits as they have a different feel then the EPMS shops..... Overall, the evaluations are about 2/3 the length of what you need for EPMS..... They pay very reliably, but on a little slower schedule than most MSC's - about 2 months.

I don't hesitate to work for them when compensation matches my needs.

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I did a non-video GH apartment shop. I also do shops for EPMS and Remington. I would choose Grace Hill over the others in a heartbeat. The report was relatively simple. The response from the scheduler was prompt, as was the pay.

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rosie inquires--Is $30 reasonable for the amount of work?

Bob responds--$30 would not be acceptable to me, but for you, it would depend upon your need. I completed my first apt. shop in 2005 and was paid $40. Sp far this year, my apt. tally stands at $50 each for two traditional jobs and $80 for one employing audio.
PayPal.... usually right at 60 days after it’s been approved...

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Well, I did my first shop for $30. The report was much easier than EPMS and NO PICTURES! Just needed to upload the business card.

$40 would have been better considering it wasn't just around the corner, but I'm satisfied. They have one about an hour away I wouldn't do for less than $40 and then only if I was in that city, which I am occassionally.
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