Gigspot, Prestoshopper, any others?

Hello again, I'm in search of new companies to sign up for. How do I find companies in my area? (South Florida)....
I'm a member of Gigspot and Presto which show combined companies assignments available, as well as about 20 other companies. I hate signing up for companies and giving out all my info, just to discover they don't have assignments near me! Any other ways to search? Or can anyone tell me what are some good companies in S. Florida? Thanks!

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Scan to bottom of this page, "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies." There's no foolproof way to find MSC's that are currently active in your geographical area (and by the way, that changes over time, an MSC that is dormant in your area on say April 1 may pick up some accounts and be very busy in your area a few months later).

Best approach is to cast a wide net and sign up for a bunch.
Open the Google app store and you'll see "Recommended for You". Since you've already downloaded those two other MS, IC, Gig type apps, you'll see similar apps. Download all the apps to see if they offer work in your area of South Florida. Or tell us which ones you've already tried that don't have work in your area so others who are currently looking for work in S.Florida can save some time and look elsewhere.

I've found companies by voraciously reading the discussion forums on this website. I believe your question about other apps was recently discussed. There's also a list somewhere on this website that lists the most popular or recently discussed companies. You'll need to sign up for all of them to see if there's work available in your area. If you've turned on notifications, the Presto app should notify you when new shops have been added to your home location. There's A LOT of competition and shops are quickly snapped up in many areas. Some shops pinned on the Presto app don't get picked up quickly or at all for good reason. Since I MS for $ (not a hobby or charity for MSC) I avoid the ones where the pay is not commensurate with the amount of work expected. I also avoid 90 day pay and MSC that have a reputation of shoppers having to chase after their hard earned payment. You know S. Florida has a lot of tourists, snowbirds, retirees, shoppers and other non MSC IC's. Since there are more shoppers than shops, I don't think they're tell you what companies they're working with. Nobody's giving up the ingredients in the Secret Sauce, ya gotta put in the work to find out. LOL.
The first company that I mystery shopped for has been gone for several years now. So they do come and go and the companies that have the mystery shops also change providers. I used to do a lot of work for Market Force but they have had clients move to Intellishop and SeelevelHX. Jobslinger was a decent site that would show you Sassie companies. But they do not clean it up anymore just dump new shops on the site without removing old ones. Just checked again on 20210411 and they have still shops from last year for IPSOS.

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