New round of MF mattress shops

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KoKoB, I'm surprised you opened it.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Wow! $5 to buy a mattress? lol

@2stepps wrote:

Oh, that is for reimbursement, not the fee that a big fat 0.

Well now I opened it to see what the heck was up with a “reimbursement” for these shops. The fee is $5. There is no required purchase for this shop.
@2stepps wrote:

Oh, that is for reimbursement, not the fee that a big fat 0.
No, the fee is $5, there is no reimbursement as they are inquiry-only shops.
@Niner wrote:

$4 by me and it says that you might need to wait an hour to get helped!!
The guidelines always say that but it's quite rare for that to happen. This chain is overpopulated in my area to begin with so it's not like you're waiting on a bunch of other customers.

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Over the years, I have completed several mattress jobs for four MSCs. My best guess is an average of 1/2 hour in the store and the same for the report. My last assignment, though, ran almost an hour in store, an equal time for the report and I was docked $10 of my $37 fee; this due to a scant report. To my recollection, all of the shops had a single worker; waiting, while unlikely, is possible.

My suggestion for pay is a minimum of $30, with an extra $10 if a target is involved.
I saw the low price and was like what? I did this shop for $25-30 can’t remember which one, it wasn’t awful but I wouldn’t do it for less than that and there is one in my town that is shopped. I’ll do it if it gets bonused up around that amount again but we will see I guess if someone picks it up before it gets there.
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