Failing Certification Exam

Why do I keep failing the Certification Exam for Ipsos prior to doing a banking shop. I know all the answers are correct! Are there trick questions?

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Yes, sometimes the answers they demand are the incorrect answers ac cording to the guidelines. Reach out to your scheduler; she can reset the exam for you, or help you pass.
I feel your pain I must have gone through it a bunch of times yesterday myself. I think it was the debrief question that got me.
I find MOST of the Ipsos certification tests have a definite disconnect with their official Guidelines/Questionnaires.
Don't take it personally! Do your best, take the quiz 3 times, and if you haven't passed, reach out to your scheduler - he/she will help to ensure that you are able to pass!
I don't know if the certification exams are changing or if the guidelines are.. but on some shops the exams have nearly zero resemblance to the information in the guidelines. I've been fighting with one certification for a while now and I'm about to give up.
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