Market Force and SSN

Applied to join Market Force completed a shop for them.
Now my account says SSN not confirmed and will not let me apply for new jobs.
Emailed their help desk and they saying SSN was discontinued in the 1960s ! which considering its been verified by other MS companies is @@.
They saying to send a copy of DL and SSN to a fax number !
This is 2021 do companies still use FAX, I do not intend sending that info by Fax.

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Some companies do still use FAX. My best guess - and it's only a guess because you say you have successfully used your SSN with other companies - is that you may have typo-ed the SSN when you entered it for MF. When you look in your Profile, you will only be able to see the last 4 digits so you can't really check. You can try emailing to ask for help. If it is escalated to a Team Lead or Supervisor, they may allow you to email a copy of your DL and SS card, but their Help Desk people are a different group from the new account processing group. You may have to decide whether you want to fax your documents or not work for them.
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