Marketforce and shop times

Can I do a hedgehog shop at the same site on the same day, but in different time slots? Say one shop before 2:00 and one shop after 2:00 at the same location on the same day?

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Usually they won't let you shop the same restaurant the same day.

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Hedgehog has a rotation, so I'm pretty sure you'd be out of rotation as soon as you completed the first one.

But you can do a different hedgehog location the same day -- just make absolutely 100% certain you are in a different "meal period". And make sure there's half an hour between ending one and beginning the other.
This doesn’t answer the question, but I’m not so sure there’s always a rotation. I’ve done the same hedgehog location two days in a row, and I’ve seen it appear available on the same day I was already assigned to do one, so I do see how someone could find themselves in this position.
The rotation is two other shops must be completed at that location. If you do breakfast and another shopper does lunch and a 3rd shopper does an evening meal, you sure could be able to shop it the next day.

Caveat: This is what I was told when I asked. It may no longer be current info.
@Susan L. wrote:

One day I will figure out what the "hedgehog" is.

Think of the name of an early video game character. That will give you the name of the fast food restaurant.

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