Confidential Consumer

Is this a new company or just one that changed its name? Anyone have current experience with them?

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They used to be called Phantom Shopper.
I complete about 5-6 dining evaluations for them yearly. Pretty straightforward.
I've always liked this company. I've even started to help edit for them. Brian is great to work with and they pay on time.

They don't have a ton of projects but they do have quite a few restaurants and a few other things too!

Give them a try, I think you'll find they're easy to work with.
i like CC, ive done about 50ish shops with them in the past 4 years, always pay. just watch the spelling and make sure you understand the questions and you will be fine
Good company. The shops I’ve done for them have clear guidelines. Reports are easy enough. Pay is as stated, on time.
Started working for them in March. March shops were paid this week. Reports were straightforward.
Thanks, I had never shopped for them, but did have a login, so must have been while they were Phantom Shopper. I didn't see them in the list.
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