MF grocery shops?

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They're shopped in my area, but I'm not interested in doing them just for reimbursement only with no fee.
Still shopped in GA,most are reimbursement only. They get snapped up quick. Once In awhile, I get a bonus.
They all disappeared a few days ago. There were tons for this week and 2 weeks ahead for the next rotation. I have 3 scheduled for tomorrow. My thought is they are finishing up what had been scheduled, but pulled everything else. Sure wish I knew!
I didn't take any because of no fee. Wonder if they'll put them back up with a fee. Too much interactions for just reimbursement. Just not worth the time involved...
does anybody know what's up with the grocery shops? There were lots, but now I don't see any, even for no pay.
The chain I shop in KY, Cincinnati and Indianapolis has them. They had a pause for two weeks a couple of months ago. Competitor shops now available.

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I think that might be a different chain. I’m talking about a chain that is only in southern states.
I miss them, but the ones that used to exist in my area seem to have disappeared when COVID started.

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@Maryanne J wrote:

Still don't see any grocery shops. Does anyone see them?
I live down South, the northwest corner of SC. I still see grocery shops, but not interested for fee only.
Wonder if they'll be back. I thought MF kicked me out, but I still see other shops...
I thought the same. In the last batch, none of my offers were close by like they usually were, but they all disappeared 2 weeks before the date to shop them. I’m sure MF won’t let us know what’s happened.
If this is the grocery chain famous for their subs, I am doing a few next week, but haven't seem them posted in almost a month. I'm almost wondering if they lost them as a client ? I loved doing the standard ones, but really didn't care for the sub required shops as after buying the sub. it only left me with around $9-10 for groceries.
There was only one grocery store shop for Market Force in my area, and it disappeared when COVID 19 hit.

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Just did a bunch this week for the sub grocery store in GA. FL had some last week when I was there on vacation. I think people are just picking them up quickly.
All I can see now are the burger shops. No gas stations, phone stores, or anything else. I called MF, and was told I'm not restricted in any way.
I've been doing the grocery shops in AL for $10 - $15 + Reimbursement. I like doing the sandwich shops best. You just have to wait for the pay to go up. There are a bunch on the board thar start tomorrow with no fee. I just scroll on past until thhey get to a reasonable amount. And the competitor shops are few and far between, but I'll take them if they are paying and I'm in the area anyway.
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