Anyone awake ? How do you submit the new ACL reports

I finished my report and reviewed it on the new Clarity site but the submit button is greyed. All items are checked off as completed. Anyone know what could be the issue?

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Yes, it is likely you missed something. Go through each tab. You should see something like X out of Y questions answered, and A out of B narratives completed. Find the tab(s) where X and Y (or A and cool smiley are not the same numbers. Then scroll through all your questions and comment boxes slowly to find what you missed. Good luck.
I finally found it this morning. The overview page at the end was reporting all was completed except for the one at the bottom saying to review the incomplete report and since it seemed like the report was finished I thought that was there because I still had to submit it. I wish they had a button to save as you go along writing the report. I finally found a page of the report with three questions that appeared not to have a spot for an individual answer so I typed my responses to all three of them in the box at the bottom of the page. Today I noticed that on the very far, far right of the page, a huge distance from the end of each question of very few words there was a tiny arrow almost falling off the right end of the page that I did not even see last night. That was a dropdown where you could indicate yes or no.
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