Completing Sassie shops

Is there any mobile app available for completing Sassie shops? Because right now, completing them on mobile is a real pain in the **! Their website is poorly optimized for mobile , and trying to upload images is frustrating. I used the Presto app but that's useless since you cant complete the shops themselves. I told the company about it , explaining it would just be easier if they had a mobile app , but kept referring me to the Presto app and they wouldn't take my inquiry seriously.

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I always use my desktop - or if I must report on the road, my laptop. Just like I do with all the other platforms. I can't imagine writing and proofreading quality narratives on a phone.
Narratives on the phone are... interesting...

I have apologized more than once for whatever my genius phone has chosen to do without my permission and despite my best efforts...

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Don't know of any mobile app. I've done some reports from my phone when time constraints required it. Some shops like the red/blue conditional reveal gas station jobs are easy to get done on the spot as there are few if any narratives. Same goes for some of the recent fast-food drive-thru shops. As long as it's just click boxes and uploading photos I'm ok with doing SASSIE reports on my phone.
It's mainly if you have multiple choice question and uploading photos. There is also the dictation option if you need to write a report.
Almost any shop that can be submitted on a smartphone can be submitted much faster and more efficiently on a computer.
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