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Has any one worked for Amusement Advantage? There is a shop that I would like to do with my son. Kids are allowed on this shop.

You will need to spend about 1-2 hours at the facility. The evaluation is approximately 6-8 pages long and will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

We can easily spend two hours here. My son will have a field day here smiling smiley

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Did many of those before. Fun shop, MANY observations and narratives. Overall very good. Will offer bonuses if not picked up timely.
The company wants A LOT of detail for the report. I don't know how old your son is, but in my opinion if he's on the younger side it would be better to have a second adult with you to watch him while you gather necessary info.

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They require a detailed description of each encounter and what happened. If this is your first shop with them go early and expect to spent a lot more than 2 hours to get all the info. The easiest is prepare your cell phone and take photos at each required stop so you will remember the timing and the associates you encounter. You can pretend you take a photo of the eg, animals, your kid, with the animals, the animals' habitat, whatever is near the associate you interact with so you have a photo of the person and remember where you met him/her. Every 2 encounters write the name and brief important details of encounter and text them to yourself. Grab a copy of the map at entrance, or have a copy on your cellphone to know the layout of the facility, times that a show or a specific activity in the venue will be open, the restaurant hours, etc. First couple of reports will take longer to complete but afterwards will go fast. They have great shops for all ages. Over the years we did zoos, space stuff, helicopter trips, fly tunnels, bowling, golf, safari, whale watch, aquarium, kids entertainment parks.
Thanks for the feedback.. He is 12 years old. It is at an bowling alley and I know the layout very well.

It was a mass email and some one else got it before I saw the email. I did email the scheduler and ask some questions.. She emailed me back very quickly with the answers.

Hopefully I will be assigned next time.
Bowling alley? I did a few of those last Fall with preschool age grandchildren and their Mom. I did not think the narrative was excessive. Yes the kiddies had a blast. The scheduler was fantastic answering phone questions and payment was prompt. The only reason I no longer do these shops is that kiddies have moved away.
Expect to spend two to three hours in the bowling center doing all of the interactions and activities. Also expect to spend about 2 hours doing the report the first time. Easy shop and a lot of fun but a lot of interactions and details as others have said.
I've done many of those shops but they require a lot of detailed narrative. But, yes they pay well and we had fun too.
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