Strategic Reflections Pay Dates and Method

I have not been in the forum for a very long time. Is the search engine no longer working? I can't get anything close to answer that I know has to be among past posts a gazillion times. Hence, my question.

When and how does Strategic Reflections Pay? I searched their website and could not find an answer.

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They usually will cut checks 2 months after the shop was done. Usually in the middle of the month.
I'll do their grocery shops periodically. If, for example, I do the shop in June, then the month FOLLOWING the month AFTER the shop is done is when they cut the check. So shop done in June, they will cut the check and mail it out sometime around the middle of August. So if I do the shop at the beginning of June, I know I'll be waiting about 10 weeks for pay. If I do the shop say, the last week of June, then my wait for my pay is cut to 6-7 weeks. This I know, going into any shop I do for them. I have never had an issue getting paid. They just take a while.

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I initially signed up with SR approx. 13 years ago and have completed roughly 640 shops with nary a hitch. They have a toll free number that is answered live and payment is on schedule.
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