"Quick" tobacco audit on Marketforce

Has anyone completed any of these assignments ? I see them on the board for $10 which seems low, but if I can get in and out in under 5 minutes I might take it. I did many the vape audits last month from another MSC and those audits only took around 20 minutes per store but paid $50 each.

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I haven’t had one take more than ten minutes and many do just take five if there’s no line and the cashier is cooperative. Last month the fee went up to $18 at end of month.
Are these revealed? I seem to remember a similar thread where it said the item was behind the counter and you had to ask permission to take the photos.
Yes, they are revealed and take between 5-15 minutes at most. Easy report. Grab them when bonused.

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I've done one. I'm not a huge fan of revealed audits but did this once and it was easy-peasy, once I got the OK from cashier. I think it took me 7 minutes.
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