Coyle Food and Beverage Shops

How detailed or thorough are the Coyle F&B shops? I see a dessert one but I would hate to apply and have to complete over 100 questions for a $12 reimbursement. Coyle used to say how many questions were on the survery before you apply but I don't see that here. They also don't have the guidelines available to view beforehand. I have avoided Coyle in the past due to the lengthy report but I'm interested in this location.

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I haven't done that shop, but 90% of their reports have a LOT of detail. The only show that didn't was the Chinese restaurant.
With much trepidation, I accepted one for a small local Italian chain. We ate well, and were still under the maximum reimbursement. The report was one of the easiest fine dining reports I have ever done for anyone. Only very basic timing, Amazingly easy. So few items to keep track of that I almost forgot that I was doing a mystery shop.

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