ICU Associates Payment

Has anyone received their ICU Associates payment this month? I thought I usually got it on the 10th so I went and checked my PayPal history and sure enough, it's always been the 10th, but it hasn't shown up yet this month.

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I checked my log and like you, mine comes on or about the 10th; it arrived this month on the 11th.
Still no payment from them here. I had to contact them because I've never had a problem with receiving payment from them in the past.
I never have any problems with them. The only compaint is that they added my reimursements on the 1099 form, which now i have to pay taxes on the item.s.
There is something strange. When I called and emailed, I did not receive an answer; I got an out-of-the office email.
When does ICU usually pay? I'm having trouble finding the info on their site

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I have never had any problem with ICU payment. It's one of the MSCs where you get paid before you even wonder what happened.
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