EPMS: Why do you not like them, and what could they change to make them appeal to you?

Well, I have found another company that pays the same and all I have to do is show up at the property with no previous phone call not looking for anyone. Though some are you make the call after your visit and see if they mention the same info.

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I will only shop the bonused shops from now on since they have been paying the same base amount for over 10 years. I don't know who does the input etc but they do need to start checking names, etc because targets leave, some don't exist, some have a nick name they go by and its nothing like their real names. This should be a client requirement since the client has them as an employee.
Oh, I am ready to spill the tea…

Dear EPMS,

1. Stop asking for the Leasing Professional’s height, weight, and race on the report; it’s gross.
2. Why do I have to enter the date and time of the telephone shop in multiple places… when you already have that information? And why do I have to enter the shop date and time in multiple places? Your reporting form is needlessly repetitive.
3. Why is my actual legal name part of the Shop Report? I don’t want an angry employee tracking me down. You are endangering your ICs.
4. Why is the written report for a video shop exactly as long as for a written shop? Your payment for video shops is super cheap when accompanied by a 10-section report.
5. A $5 payment for 2-3 days of chasing down a nonexistent targeted employee is ridiculous.
5. Show a little gratitude towards your shoppers who are working through a pandemic. You are one of the few companies who hasn’t expressed any thanks.

Peace Out.
@Jmoneybaby wrote:

Is that shadow agency ?
No, it's EPMS. Shadow Agency is a different company.
Hey AZwolfman. I love Arizona! I’m new to the forum and somehow my comment must have ended up on the wrong thread. Or either I thought you were saying TSA was better. Lol but seems like a lot of us have the same issues with EPMS! Which is sad but hopefully they do weed out those bad people. Also, there’s so many companies out there, they should def do better, since we do have a choice.
Yes, I love Arizona too. I wish I still lived there, but I have to live in NV where pay and conditions are much better if I want to make a living mystery shopping. Maybe I'll move back to AZ if I ever retire.
The last few shops I did for them after the pandemic eased up a bit I was able to shop anyone, not a target. I’ll only do bonused shops. Too much narrative if it’s only $40.

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