Elite CXS?

Have any of you completed a shop with this MSC? I have never heard of them. There is a shop where you need to buy $40 of products. They do not say what you are buying. Then, 90 days to pay. I would not want to be out $40 on things I would not normally purchase. Thanks!

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Are you sure you spelled it correctly? There is a legitimate company called Elite CXS. That still doesn't mean that this is a legitimate offer. If you are supposed to buy a $40 gift card and send them the codes, this is a scam. I suggest that you ask your question again using the correct spelling and spacing.

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That requirement is the client's, so maybe we should not shun the MSC , even when passing on that particular shop?

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@Niner wrote:

It's Elite CXS. You need to buy $40 of broccoli gnocchi. I declined the shop.

I fully endorse GHW Bush's position on broccoli. Hiding it in gnocchi doesn't make up for the fact that it is broccoli.
Depends on how it is cooked. But if you cook it in bacon grease or even with bacon it tastes a lot better.

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I like broccoli, so I went looking. Alas, only eye exam shops available in my area.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I took one. I can give the product away or toss if unable to give away. Anyone done work for this MSC as this would be my first time working for them. Just want to make sure before laying out $40. As long as they legit it is an easy $15.

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