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I don't see this discussed anywhere on here yet. I accepted a shop with reimbursement only. It didn't say in the guidelines what I would be ordering, just that it involved ordering from the popular retailer named after a rainforest. I'm not saying what the specific brand is, just the general marketplace for it. The product to order is baby formula. I have no use for it, but since I accepted the shop I will complete it.
I wouldn't take this shop again because I have no need for the product and there's no pay. If they have other things to order I would consider it, but in this case you don't know what you are ordering until after you accept.

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Same here. I would not have taken it if I knew what I was going to be ordering. I will also do it but never again.
@FrugalCat wrote:

You could donate the formula to a food bank or some charity organization.

That's what I'm going to do.
Thank you for posting this! I was wondering about these shops, since I saw them on the job board. But I'm glad I didn't accept one because if the item to order HAS to be baby formula, I also wouldn't be able to use it. I wonder if all the assignments require baby formula as the purchase, or if they might differ?
In my area, there is the baby formula job plus a similar job where the shopper needs to order $20 worth of vitamins. It has a $5 fee too. The MS company is notorious for not providing job details upfront. I came here looking for more info. Looks like I too will pass on these jobs.
I see the $5 one. I would do a vitamin one. I did the baby formula it took a while to find one that wasn't super expensive in the group they said I needed to order from. I'm losing $12 as the best I coukd do was $32.
On the job board I see that they added "Order vitamins from Amazon" or "Order baby formula from Amazon" to the shops. There is also now a $5 fee with the $20 reimbursement.
@sstsau wrote:

On the job board I see that they added "Order vitamins from Amazon" or "Order baby formula from Amazon" to the shops. There is also now a $5 fee with the $20 reimbursement.

My board still shows "order a product." I wish they would say more as I would like the vitamin one.
I did find one for $19, and got it approved. I would never do it again. It's not that easy to find somewhere to donate. I think most people took a look at the guidelines and cancelled.
On my job board, I see that they have added shops where you "Order baby formula from Walmart", "Order baby formula from Target", and "Order baby formula from Enfamil". These new shops don't have a fee yet, just $20 reimbursement, although the Amazon one now has an $8 fee. The "Order vitamins from Amazon" on my job board has been accepted by another shopper, but it seems like the baby formula shop(s) might stick around for a while.
Some say order baby formula and others say order product. I don't want to take a chance on the product being baby formula again. Kind of bummed that I did it for free and now they offer $8. I would have cancelled, but didn't want to look flakey.
I just took two of these at $15 a piece plus reimbursement. Our church food bank happily accepts the product. Didn't find it hard at all.

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