MF double pay still in my account!

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I emailed the Help Desk and asked if I should send them a check since it's still in my account. They said yes but didn't provide an address to send it to.
Well that wasn't very helpfulsad smiley The corporate address is 6625 The Corners Parkway, Suite 300, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092.
I'm going to float these comments to accounting to see what information they have. Anyone other than @ceasesmith have their deposits going to a pre-paid card? Perhaps that is the issue. Feel free to DM me for privacysmiling smiley Thanks all!
Helpdesk told me to go online and check my "bank statements".


I got it mostly so I would have an additional card to rotate for gas shops.

I wonder if they can't just withhold the money from this month's payment, as they have not yet succeeded in reversing the charge?
I requested an address to send it to. They say it should go to:

MarketForce Information, Inc.
Dept 0320
PO Box 120320
Dallas, TX 75312-0320
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