Restaurant shops

Do any companies offer restaurant (not fast food) shops that can be completed without a guest? Even a takeout/delivery shop would be acceptable.

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some at a closer look I believe can be done alone. There is a bar shop with HS Brands can be done alone. Also Reality based group has a steakhouse that has a solo person shop but it is belly up to the bar but you don't have to drink alcohol just order pop or iced tea and food.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Trademark insights formerly Confidential Consumer also has quite a few that can be done solo.
Market Force has recently taken on a prominent casual dining client where you can dine solo or with someone. But they are reimbursement-only.
Reality Based dropped the guest requirement in my area of Ohio. In addition to being able to complete the shops while out working, it also radically changes the work:reward ratio for me. Finally, the change eliminates guest cancellations, calls to find someone and problems with the other person. In 13 years of completing work for Reality, I had two guests forget, one walk out because he I would not permit his gross over ordering and several show up late. Three thumbs up for the MSC and their client.
Actually, it's Tide Smart Insights

@foodluvr wrote:

Trademark insights formerly Confidential Consumer also has quite a few that can be done solo.
We do have these type of "quick service" but are NOT fast food in IL (Chicago) , KS (Kansas City metro area), MO (Kansas City metro area), & TX (Austin & Dallas/Fort Worth metro areas). We also have restaurant shops in the Toledo, OH area, Hochatown, OK & Murfreesboro, TN)

Deva Roberts
Director of Operations
ACE Mystery Shopping
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