What's your experience with ACL's new Feature to get answers to shops?

So, I do NOT schedule for ACL. I recently had a terrible experience with the chat feature, but they swear it works great. So, I'm just wondering what has YOUR experience been with it? Have you needed an answer to a shop?

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I have used the chat feature a few times. Sometimes, it worked great. Sometimes, I gave up after no rep. appeared for a long time. When that happened, I usually emailed info and/or my scheduler. One way or another, issues got resolved.

All in all, I am glad there is a chat feature.
I ask my schedulers. They are very responsive.

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It's been a few years since I've done one of their shops. I cannot afford to work for their low fees.
I like doing ACL shops when they are for a restaurant that I want to eat at anyway. Otherwise, their fees are very low. There was one parking company shop with a reasonable fee that I used to do. ($60 for a shop I could knock off in about an hour.)
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