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When completing a job for ACL in the recent past, I would always receive a feedback email from the editor thanking me for doing the shop. If anything was amiss, that would be mentioned as well. After my most two recent shops were submitted, they were edited and are pending payment in my history, but no acknowledgement or feedback email was sent. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Most of my ACL feedback emails have ended up in the wrong email folder for some reason. I use Gmail for MS and most of them have ended up under the Promotions tab instead of the Primary tab.
This goes without saying, but have you checked your spam folder?

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I am getting editor feedback emails.

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I also have always received editor feedback emails (and very recently). They also end up in my "promotions" folder.
I have often found their feedback useless and sometimes patronizing so I am glad that it has been reduced. Just send the $$ unless an editor has real insight on a real issue.
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