Shops with food reimbursements?

My kids loved doing the grocery store shop and getting deli meat and cheese, but now they're all gone. We also like doing Five Guys, and now that's all we have. Any other companies I can work for that have fun food reimbursements I can take my kids to?

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Not that I know of. Almost everything that I know of is a by yourself shop or one or two adults.
STN has such shops in some states.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
Some ACL shops allow kids to be present as well; however, you'll be over the reimbursement for sure.
SeeLevel HX has taken up a new client for them anyway. But they are lowballing everyone on it. Dine in Drive thru pays the same which is ridiculous.
Wish more shoppers would have standards and not just do any shop for any crap pay. I see the See's Candies shops are paying the same $5 fee they paid 10 years ago. I highly doubt the scheduler at that company is making the same crap pay they made 10 years ago. Maybe they are...but I would think veteran shoppers would be smarter. I can't believe all these crap paying shops are being taken by only new people.
You make a good point, bigdaddy.

The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised in 12 years. I sometimes think that MSCs think that's a perfectly valid reason for not increasing pay! But many shoppers have different reasons for shopping, and that few bucks may be important to them.

When minimum wages rise, I think MSCs will increase pay -- or lose shoppers.
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