New shopper - “popular” chains?

I understand that our IC agreements do not allow in the name of an establishment to be included with the name of an MSC in this forum. Wondering how I can figure out which MSC’s the popular food chains and big box stores and retailers use? Like the chicken one, the burger one that needs a certification test or the blue home improvement store? I see all the posts talking about them but you’re all in the know winking smiley already.
I’ve registered with the shops in the top 15 list as well as 10+ others as I see them mentioned in the forum. TIA!

San Diego - CA

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Any shopper who has a day when they want a shop but do not have it needs to invest the time to sign up with at least 10 more MSCs that day. To stay busy, shoppers are usually signed up with 75 to 150 MSCs.

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Thanks, I'm up to 35! Ay tips on how best to organize checking job boards? I am signed up with Gigspot and Jobslinger. I made a spreadsheet with links and have been clicking through them all.

San Diego - CA
Presto-insta maps will give you all the SASSIE shops in your area. From that, you can make a list of MSCs that offer shops in your area.

Best of luck.
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