Anyone else having trouble with MarketForce today?

When I try to search for jobs today, it just keeps "loading." Is anyone else having trouble?

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No, but it took me over 2 hours to upload a gas station audit last night because of slow loading. I'm not kidding. It was agonizing.
I'm still having trouble opening the CPI from their app and it's been months. Even when I go to sign it when I do a report it comes up blank.
I have not been able to log in to MarketForce on my computer for a few months now. I can only get in through the app on my phone. It is frustrating, but I only do one or two shops a month for them so I don't stress too much over it.
The app sux it is barley useable in the field. Way to slow. i only do the questions with it. I finish pictures and submitting at home. I am working this month they really must need to get some audits done. i never remember the CPI working in the app.
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