What are your Top 5 ?

@mjt9598 We are building our client base nationwide back after the hit of the pandemic. Most of our jobs are in new England area currently, but keep an eye out, Data Quest continuously adds more shops!

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I work on the road maybe 10 days a month. As long as I can negotiate the correct fee I don't mind it. I do large routes on these trips and make good money but since I cover the hotels, I am not staying at the Ritz.

It is all about being able to negotiate a fair price for the work.

Since this is the 4th quarter, I plan on being back out there for at least a week, as long as they pay what I need.
Late to this party but ...

1) Market Force. Liberal reschedule policy (important for those of us with full-time jobs and health issues), reports are not hard -- and here's a biggie if you live in the NYC area as I do -- they reimburse for bridge tolls.
(That's a big peeve of mine -- most of these MSCs are based in East Podunk and they don't understand that on Long Island here I'm "bridge-locked" ... sure, MSC, on your map Staten Island is only 25 miles from me so what's the big deal? The big deal is that it costs $13 to go round trip on the Verrazzano, even with EZ-Pass. Not viable unless you are reimbursing.)
2) BARE. Great schedulers, enjoyable shops in my area, good end-of-month bonuses. Editors can be a little wonky but you can't have everything.
3) IPSOS. More great schedulers, quick pay.
4) Confero. Pay is marginal but they have a deep pool of phone shops, many of them in North Carolina where Confero is based -- I don't live in NC anymore but used to and still have ties there, I know how to talk to North Carolinians convincingly lol.
5) Intellishop. Good schedulers, reports are reasonable, editors actually have given me helpful advice when they had an issue. Sadly, they aren't as active in my area as they used to be. Now it's pretty much oil changes, phone storage, in-person storage, or existing-customer cellular for a company I don't use. I'll do the first two, not the last two.

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Thank you for your detailed share. Always good to have info from an experienced shopper in order to refine my shopping.

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