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I have questions! I have upcoming assignments that require a lot of photos. Now I I'm in a panic because I realized that every time I have to link photos to their questions I cannot see the photos in those little tiny circles on the app and usually just guess. I normally have shops that only require a couple of pictures but the audits I have coming up require many pictures. I vaguely remember doing this before not being able to see anything when choosing pictures. Somehow the shop was accepted but I was truly just muddling through. How do you guys know which picture it is you need to choose for each question? Renaming wouldn't work because you don't get to see the file name just, that tiny little round picture. I cannot even find the FAQ page on the website. Where did that go? It has help topics that say, for instance, 4 articles 0 articles. What??? I'm so confused and really don't want to use the laptop because it's been so long that I probably don't even remember how the website works. Plus, the laptop is cumbersome and then it would involve switching the pictures over to it from the phone and would be a really big deal.

So, how can I know what pictures to choose when linking? Thanks!


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I understand, and I would never again use a smartphone to submit such a shop. For an easier experience, copy the photos to your computer and use your computer to submit the shop. Websites almost always work better than apps, especially when many photo uploads are involved. Neither the MF app nor the MF website works well for using a smartphone to submit a shop with many photos.

All you have to do to copy the photos from your phone to your computer is just plug one end of the USB charging cable into your phone and the other end into your USB port on your computer. If you cannot tell which photo to link from the thumbnail on your phone, you can open the phone camera in another window and see the larger photo. Your smartphone should allow you to have two windows open at the same time.

I could give you step-by-step instructions on choosing the correct photo from your phone if you have an Android phone. If you have an iPhone, I would be no help. I chose Android for good reason when I decided to get a smartphone for mystery shopping.
Thank you! I have no problem uploading the picture from the phone to the website or app because it's in a larger format or I can rename the file but once it gets to the Market Force app it turns into a tiny little thumbnail when it's time to link the picture to the question. so it looks like I'll just have to bring the laptop along and stop at a library to work. Oh well. I guess apps aren't all they're cracked up to be sometimes.

I know not everyone can, but because my eye sight is so bad, I had to buy a 10" tablet so that I could do shops in app and see the pictures. The pictures on my phone are too small, and I just can't see them. It would be better if Marketforce gave us an app that we could take the pictures in app, and directly into the question where they belong, so we wouldn't have to take the pictures, upload them, and then link them to the questions. That's 3 steps that could be done in one. It would save all of us a lot of time too.
Yeah, I'm surprised they've kept all that linking business with tiny photos for so long. You'd think they'd want to increase efficiency instead of increasing the likelihood of having pictures in the wrong places.

I don't use the MF app but have entered reports on my phone (Android) via the website. Most I do at home on my computer and email the photo to myself and then to computer file and then to report. Works best for me.

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I just did a gas station shop and submitted the report, complete with photos, on the app. I think I prefer the app to the laptop. I didn't have any issues with the photos and the app seemed to be quicker than the website for loading. Of course, it will probably be different the next time! smiling smiley
Well, I submitted everything on the computer at a library and, for me, it was SOOOO much faster than using the phone. Each page turned immediately instead of having to wait for that flippy-spinny circle on the app. Yep. I'm going back to using the computer more. With other companies' gas audits as well.

Smartphones are useful for submitting shops when a computer is not available, but they do not come close to being a perfect substitute for a computer.
@melindadarlene06 wrote:

I have this same problem. Can you send the step by step instructions for the android?

Send instructions for what, submitting the shops on the Android or transferring the photos to your computer? I suggest that if you absolutely must use your Android to submit the shops, do not use the MF app. Use their website and a good browser to submit.
Sometimes when the photo is just a little thumbnail, just unlink it and upload pic again and it will be a full photo.
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