Mystery-Shoppers not paying

Has anyone been having problems getting their payments from Mystery-Shoppers? The only contact I can find is "Trish" who seems to handle all of these purchase return evaluations for QVC, Shop LC, JTV. They now owe me a good amount of money for two months worth of work. Meanwhile, she keeps posting and assigning new jobs. I appreciate your responses.

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Please remove the clients' names, as this is a violation of our rules.

I do hope you get an answer; I personally never have heard of Mystery-Shoppers.
I believe the client is someone else, not QVC, etc. Just the item that you need to buy is sold at these places. Have not done the shop since covid.
They're not fast payers, but I've always been paid. The last shop I did for them was pre-Covid. I was paid two and a half months after the shop. Trish is the only contact I'm familiar with.
The MSC pays slowly, but does pay. Move on and focus on completing more shops, then out of the blue, you will receive payment for this shop. Likely after first receiving payment for some of the shops you have completed in the meantime.

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15 years ago, so many companies used mystery shopper in that title, it was confusing. If this MSC has three colored shooing bags as their logo, I completed several assignments, but it was many years past; I was always paid.. I seem to recall they are located in Chattanooga.
I used to shop for them. It's been years. I don't remember what their pay policy was but I don't recall any issues (payment-related or not) with them. As far as I recall, their shop guidelines were clear and the pay was OK. I do not recall ever having to hound them for payment.
Personally, I'd cut bait. We don't make enough to be fighting with the MSCs & they know it. To me slow payment outside the "terms" (some of the terms are very very vague) is unethical.
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