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Hi im new here I've been shopping for about a month now. Presto shopper said that I have to turn in a w-9 to continue shopping with them but i'm not sure where to contact them with. I've sent a ticket to support but I have not recieved a reply. What should I do?

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You should be able to locate "my profile" in Presto. You should find some link there to submit the w-9.

Many of the companies you will eventually sign up with will require W-9.

Maybe some shoppers who work more with Presto will offer more detailed help. I quit trying to work with them because they never paid me.
Me too. I did not see a w9 on the website and the email didn't say where to find it. When I wrote back, they sent me a link and said that I must have accidentally put my email in the wrong slot. It sure was but I am positive I never filled out that form before.

Hi, I got the email from presto and it was confusing to me as well. In the email they said to watch for an email from no-replytrack1099……After I saw that I checked my SPAM folder and found the email…there was a link in that email to fill out the form. Since it said it expires in 24 hours you may have to ask presto to send you another one.

Here’s what the Presto email said:

the email will expire after 24 hours, so click as soon as possible to submit your W-9 form for uninterrupted shopping!
Check for an email from (subject line Presto Insta-Shops - SurfMerchants W-9 Request).
In the email, click the button that says Fill out your W-9.
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