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I have not been paid for over two months. I have A LOT of shops that are outstanding for payment. What should I do? I checked my history and it never has taken longer than 30 days. I'm thinking of taking out credit card disputes on all the way late shops that were approved but never paid.

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Have you tried sending a message through the HELP button on the shops? I've never had a late payment from them. Make sure your PP address is correct in the account. IANAL but I would think complaining to the credit card company might be considered fraud since you did get the benefit of the food. I used to edit for CC, everyone there is very nice and reasonable and I'm sure if you contact and ask them politely they will look into it,
Sorry to hear about this. I agree that disputing a cc charge is not the way to go. I last shopped for them in Sept and was paid in mid-Oct. Earlier this year they did take a bit longer than the "4 to 8 weeks" but the payment came without my having to contact them.
They normally pay near the end of the following month via PayPal. I am also still waiting for October reimbursement.
I, too, have not received my payment for October yet. I'm hesitant to accept more of their shops until I get paid for my shops from very early October.
Hi @rothers27, this is Henry from TideSmart Insights (Confidential Consumer). As a previous poster noted, shop payments were issued on Friday — for all of those waiting on October, we appreciate your patience! If you don't mind sending an email to I'll be happy to look into this for you.

Henry Loughlin
Senior Manager, Insights & Analytics | TideSmart Insights (formerly Confidential Consumer)
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