Reaching a manager at Elite CXE?

I recently completed an assignment with Elite and thoroughly read the guidelines beforehand. The reimbursement didnt match what was expected and when I asked about the error, I was told several pieces of information that were NOWHERE to be found in the guidelines, on the report, nor the confirmation email, nowhere. My husband had done a shop as well and he agreed with me in that the "standard reimbursement" quoted by the billing dept didnt align with the documentation. I havent heard back after my last attempt to explain that this situation is absurd, and Paypal shows they paid me yesterday. It wasnt some $20 shop, it was $500 spend for me and $300 for my husband. I don't know if i can state what industry/product or genre this shop is. The scheduler is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. but the billing rep clearly doesnt communicate with whomever drafts the guidelines! Thanks in advance. And tread carefully if you take one of these shops as there is a secret standard reimbursement sheet that they have in billing that IS NOT shared with us ahead of time!

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Was this a casino? Hotel? High end retail?
As long as you don't name the client, you are ok to post.
Was somewhat high end retail, not hospitality. The product is something you would need an exam and prescription for and then wear the item.
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