Do Most Mystery Shopping Co.'s Hire People Living in the Same Household?

Hopefully many of you know the answer to this. I've signed up w/ some companies & want my roommate to too, but are they going to notice that we have the same address & automatically turn them away? TIA & any other info on the matter would be appreciated!

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My son and I live at the same address and we both shop. He has a different bank account and a different paypal account. We sign in to most of the MSC's on the same desktop computer and tablet, we use our own individual cell phones that are on the same family plan.
The only MSC that I know of that won't allow is Marketforce. Nost don't have a problem. Just watch rotations and don't do the same shops back to back. Like don't do Restaurant ABC followed next week by your roomate doing Restaurant ABC.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Thanks a lot for replying guys! I was hoping we could do mystery shops together at once from time to time & take 1 car to get there, saving on gas. Oh well, guess not! But still good that they allow it.
Marketforce is the only MSC I was deactivated from because I used my sister's internet when I visited to complete a report. They saw we used the same IP address. I have since been reinstated.

There is no reason you and your roommate can't do mystery shops together, really just the dining shops. I can't see why you would need a wing man for other types of shops.

Having another set of eyes on dining shops is very helpful. Just make sure they don't start talking about mystery shopping or pointing out things that are wrong in plain sight of the person you are evaluating. I sometimes have a problem with my family on these points.
Thanks again, guys. OK, so Marketforce is more strict about that. I'll return to this thread if anyone has more comments.

wroise, not that I need a wingman, but if we can each mk money by going together & saving time & $ going together & saving on gas like I said, then that's better.

panama18, just trying to find out quicker from all you helpful people out there.

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You both would not be able to schedule shops for the same location on the same day for most MSCs.

Marketforce 100% NO NO family members no warning

Which I also now know that 2 people can't have the same address. Thanks!
My husband shopped for a few years. The last time we both shopped was March 2020, then we were locked down for Covid. He hasn't returned to MSing since. We both shopped with MarketForce and a few other MSCs. Of course we have the same address and the same IP. Names, phone numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, and bank accounts differed. We never had a problem, nor were we ever questioned.
Mert, hmm...totally different from the other posters who said MarketForce is the one who's strict on those from teh same household. Maybe pre-COVID, they were more lenient perhaps? Thanks for the info.
Good question! I shared first-hand experiences of my husband and I shopping. Hopefully, if others have experience, post-Covid, they will also share.
I have a busy job so I only mystery shop a little. I mostly do food shops - fast foods for lunches and restaurants for dinner or weekend meals with friends. I do retail or service only if it looks fast and easy and I need whatever it provides. I started mystery shopping in 2011 after my brother started about a year earlier. He was signed up with Market Force so I signed up with them, too. We have both continuously shopped for Market Force, and other companies, ever since. We share a residence and have the same ip address, each with our own phone number. Some companies have asked that we upload drivers licenses, but no company has declined to allow us to both work. As for Market Force, my experience has been like Mert. Two shoppers who are related and/or live in the same household seems not to be a problem to Market Force as long as things go smoothly. However, if one person in the household (or a person closely related who lives somewhere else) gets deactivated, Market Force deactivates all roommates and/or family members. It's my belief that they do this because, having deactivated a shopper, they want to be sure that shopper has no access to Market Force and they deactivate those close to the shopper to make sure. So once they cut you off, they cut off anybody who is related to you. I could be wrong but that's my impression from seeing friends' experiences. So far neither my brother or me have been deactivated.
Mine and my son's experience with Marketforce as been similar to Mert's. We have separate phones, and bank accounts, but use the same mailing address, even though he doesn't live in my house, he does live on my property. I've even told the schedulers to call him to do shops that I don't want to do or can't do because he's the one that is going to be out shopping that day.
It's not the physical address that causes problems, it's the Internet IP address being the same that causes problems.

If you don't understand what I mean, ask your son.
@wrosie wrote:

It's not the physical address that causes problems, it's the Internet IP address being the same that causes problems.

If you don't understand what I mean, ask your son.

Well, that is also not true. I sign into both mine and my son's account on this computer with the exact same internet IP address at least once a week to make sure he's doing the jobs he has signed up for and to discuss the jobs he's doing with them.

I am the computer technician in this house, my son asks me. Don't assume that because I'm an old woman I can't find my way around a computer.
My husband and I are both market force shoppers living in the same house we've never had a problem. However we both have our own laptops etc to do reports.
@Morledzep wrote:

I am the computer technician in this house, my son asks me. Don't assume that because I'm an old woman I can't find my way around a computer.

mea culpa, about the assumption.

I'm just sharing what I had a problem with.
With MF it's not any one thing, it's a combination of things that are plugged into an algorythm. Living in the same household or using the same IP address won't automatically get you deactivated, but apparently it's a big strike against you.
BTW, I was reinstated after a two year hiatus by a MF person who reads these boards and didn't think the reason I was suspended made sense. Or maybe it's because they needed a shopper where I live.
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