If MFCs provide a valuable services to businesses...

MSCs have to convince clients to use their services. So they have to be able to convince the clients that shopping provides accurate and helpful feedback. And we should assume that if the MSCs tell that to clients that they believe what they say.

So if they believe it is important, why don't they have themselves shopped? Why don't they find out what it's like to sign up and work? Maybe they already know and don't care. Or maybe they think there is no value in finding out.

How many businesses don't use their own products and services.

This question hits at the very core of the business. And it raises other questions as to integerity and value.

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Good question.

Do they have such programs? I have a vague visual... Picture it: Business Prof tells their students about the industry and gives a few hints about the names of MSC's. Clever students, or those who already are mystery shopping, will catch on quickly. They go. They sign up for work. They report back to Business Prof, who passes along the collected information to the various mystery shop providers who were willing to participate in this exercise. It is likely that this sample would include a higher than average proportion of tech-savvy and quick-fingered individuals than the general population. I have no vague or other visual about the general population...

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I don’t think that they care about the shopper’s UX/UI.

All that matters is whether the client is happy, and if they are profitable.
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