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I did one shop because another shopper indicated a short payment and we were trying to figure out if it was the conversion from New Zealand dollars to USD that was the problem. The shop was a $12 shop done at the mall and was not really an age appropriate shop for me, but I did it. Report was easy, shop was easy, was paid in under 3 weeks via Paypal the full $12 USD. Normally I would not do this shop because normally I steer clear of the malls. But I did want to give these folks a try and it was a fair shop.
Hi Flash

Thanks for the great feedback!

We are expanding to many locations all around the world as one of our major clients grows.

We always pay within 30 days of completing the job to your Paypal account.

I hope that you continue shopping with us!

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I just tried to sign up, but New Jersey isn't listed as a state from the list I can choose from. Oops? haha.
Hi Krissyg

I have asked our IT people to add New Jersey to the state list so you can join up!

Thanks for letting me know, we are adding states as we grow so sometimes this happens.

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I have done four shops for them and would have done more but wasn't fast enough to get the other two. The shop and reports are super easy and they always pay on time. Hope they open up the other stores that they have in my area! The Angels are also super nice!
Hi Christie. These are not a job in the sense of being an employee on payroll. These are independent contractor jobs that pay about $10-15 each and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (exclusive of transportation time) to perform the visit and do the report. It is piece work and Shop Angels are shopping a store in the US that is beginning to show up in the regular retail malls. I can't tell you the client name because of my Independent Contractor Agreement with Shop Angels, but they mentioned it themselves as well as locations in their post on the Job Board [] .
I have done numerous shops for this company. They are quick 20 min shops and the company pays on time every month. Easy to get shops in my area..wish their were more and a variety of companies..but they are a great problems or issues..
I've done 2 shops for them so far and will do as many as I can. I love the product! I've always been a "gold" girl but I'm learning to love silver! Fun, easy shop with a fairly simple report, quick and fair pay. I highly recommend this company.
wjones777 Wrote:
> Has anyone done shops for this company. They have
> a retail shop in my area.

The company is based in Australia. However, they pay quickly, and the shops are set up in a reasonable fashion. In fact. they paid me in four days.
When I click on this website: I get a generic site listing several companies.
[] is correct. I have no idea why you are getting that weird page. I got it as well when I just put in '', but now I can't get back to it.
Hi Everyone

We have just launched a new improved website so anyone having problems with the old one please try:-

Amyone already registered as a shopper on our old site has been transferred over to the new one on August 1st!

Any questions feel free to email me.

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I'm in the UK so just signed up with you, no assignments near me yet but will keep a look out.
Hi Birdy

Great to have you on board!

Our UK client is growing very quickly so keep an eye on the job board towards the end of each month and there may be something near you soon!

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I did a mystry shop for on 3-May-2013 and 10-May. I am yet to receive the payment (as on 25-Jun-2013). Their payment statement claims "PLEASE NOTE: PAYMENT WILL BE MADE TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT WITHIN 30-40 DAYS OF THE ASSIGNMENT:

Let me see how long does it actually take to get my payment.
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