Higher-ups at Consumer Confidential/Tidesmart?

Does anybody know how to get in touch with somebody who's not just a scheduler at Consumer Confidential/Tidesmart? A chain that the company has regular shops for recently opened up a branch very close to me, and I'd love to start doing those shops--but the new branch doesn't have any shops listed. I've e-mailed my scheduler and not gotten a response (I never have gotten a response from their listed e-mail--I'm not sure it's a real address) and am wondering if there's a way to get in touch with somebody who would know whether the new branch is going to get shopped soon (or could add it to the list of branches to get shopped).

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It is often the case that clients do not have recently opened shops shopped. They wait until the training period is over.
One of the clients I shopped would wait almost a year before having new locations shopped. It was probably for training and normalization, but it could also be that new locations were not included in the contract with the MS company.
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