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Hi, I'm new to the community and looking forward to being active. I'd like to find companies that offer virtual/phone mystery shopping. I know of a few places such as Call Center QA and Appen but if anyone could anyone suggest any others? I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you.

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Other shoppers will be able to provide more information about the companies.

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Do a search, link is above, right corner, and you will se several threads about phone shops and companies that do them. Here is one such thread:

Shoppers' View has phone shops every month. They typically pay between $4 and $6, and there is no lengthy report (typically you only answer: # of attempts, associate name, and whether the call was answered in 3 rings or less). Our system automatically records your call, so no equipment is needed. To find and apply to our phone shops, please register at www.shoppersview.com.

Once registered, go to your Job Board. Expand the radius out to 999 mi. Click 'Additional Filters', and select 'Phone' from the project type drop-down menu. Shoppers can be awarded up to 5 shops at a time. Preference is given to shoppers who live within 100 miles of the location.

Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month. Shops submitted between the 16th and 31st 11:59pm EST will be paid around the 15th of the following month. Please reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns (christinew@shoppersview.com).

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