Second to None

I did a shop for them last month. One of the things I was supposed to ask was for a price quote for 500 more of the same printing I had just paid for. I messed up and ask for a quote on 300 more. They rejected the shop and will not pay me. I wish I could get into their records and verify that they used the shop anyway. I know I did not do the perfect shop according to the guidelines. I still believe they used the shop and got paid for my work. Just a heads up for anyone else who shops for them. BEWARE perfection is required with this company. Because it was my error I will still work for them but it still ________ me off.

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If STN did not use it , they would repost the job...

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
i did the same exact shop. i did it right and got paid. they probably did use your shop. i've done a couple for STN and found them to be easy to work with and paying promptly (though I wish they paid more). they have asked me a couple of very precise questions about my shop. they were legitimate Q's but very exacting.

i know two major mystery shopping companies who have lied to their clients by altering my reports (where I missed something or could not provide the answers they wanted) so that they could have the project info complete. one instance was ridiculous, where there was no discernible advantage of the company's product over their competitors and the mystery shopping company was screaming at me to pick who is better and why. "They are the same, there is no difference," I explained. So they the MSC literally said, "You have to choose one or the other. Make something up, if necessary."

I try to pride myself on doing everything perfectly (not just mystery shopping, but school/work/exercise, etc.). however, you might want to consider lying and saying you asked for a quote for 500 and the employee gave you a 300 quote -- you told him 500, then he said, just multiple it by 1.666 and that's the amount. then maybe you get paid.

Some MSCs will look for any excuse not to pay you. It's why I try to avoid shops where I have to put up money and get paid later (like food/restaurant). They find 1 flaw and you're out the entire meal. Shopper beware.
The editor emailed me back and ask "Did you receive a quote for 300 more copies?" I answered yes because that was the truth. I still believe but can not prove it that the guidelines said ask for 300. I do not waste my ink to run copies of guidelines off on every shop. Most companies are honest and do not alter things. I do believe though that their requirement from the beginning was there mistake. They told me 300 in the guidelines but the company wanted 500. It was their mistake and I paid for it. They have done this twice to me this year where they pick one thing out of the shop and say it was not done correctly and then not pay me. I have done probably 50 shops for them so far this year so the other 48 I had no problem with them. I just want other shoppers to be aware that the shop has to be done 100,000% correct or they will find some little something to not pay you. Of course the shop was not reposted because they do the same ones over and over at these locations and there is no way to prove they used the shop. If I ran out copies of all the guidelines I would spend to much on inkjet ink to warrant it.
don't know. i like second to none, they just dont pay enough for me. i end up only doing work for them when shops are bonused.

i checked my records because all of my receipts are scanned/logged by company on my computer. i actually just noticed that the client-guy made a mistake. i asked for 500 copies quote, he gave me a 2500 copy quote for an entirely different order (0.115 per print, instead of the original price of 0.215 per print on the purchase receipt).

lol... !
I have done quite a few shops for second-to-none most of mine were earlier this year as I did Medicare shops for them. I am 66 so I can really find out if the sales person knows what he is saying. Even on those I got e-mails from the editors wanting more information. I just sent it in and got paid tose pay $25.00 to listen for about an hour and most were in restaurants where they would give you drinks and appetizers. I have done sone oth work for them but not for a while. I have no reason to complain about them they are easy to work for and they pay isn't that bad most of the time.
I too have done the Medicare shops for them and never received any feedback at all--just the payment.
I have never gotten ANY feedback or questions from them regardless of what kind of shop I have done. They just pay me....and that's fine with me.....
I did their Medicare with no problem and did a restaurant with no problem. I find their Schedulers very nice and helpful if needed...

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This company is supposed to pay of the 15th. today is the 15th. NO PAY. 8:43 PM eastern.
royalnbn Wrote:
> This company is supposed to pay of the 15th. today
> is the 15th. NO PAY. 8:43 PM eastern.

My pay was in my bank account this morning.

Ryan is my favorite scheduler there, he schedule's my favorite breakfast place, which I'm doing Sunday. I don't do anything else, don't like those other shops, but the company is fine....way too many emails for the print shops.

Live consciously....
I am registered with Second to None for the last two years but I never did any restaurants. Maybe they do not have any in New England? I do a lot of the Medicare shops. I just wish the pay was more. I was getting to be a pro at them and then they changed their client and some of the questions are different now.
I have never had a problem with second-to-none they usually pay 45 to 60 days, but the money is direct deposit so you don't have to worry.
Have just had 3 shops not paid because of something not stated in the assignment a month after all 3 were complete and written up. There was nothing wrong with the shops except a technicality which wouldn't alter anything about it but I'm sure their using the reports and have not seen them re-posted yet. However, as many places schedule multiple shoppers per location it could be re-posted for example close to a due date for the scheduler that someone canceled or for the next month so that's not a guaranteed way to tell.
I love Second-to-None but it seems like the only jobs they have in my area are for healthcare presentations.
I think second-to-none is really nice to work for. I, like most of the shoppers here, wish they did pay more. However, during the course of working for them, I have had shop clarification. I answer their emails and have never had any problems with payment or otherwise. I find their schedulers really nice to work with.
I have never not been paid or questioned. That said, I still feel stupid doing the computer P/R even when it is highly bonused. (But I will do it, and they do bonus well!)
I REALLY like STN . Haven't seen these lately, but I've done several "health" shops for them at home & local restaurants. Easy $30 shops.
I have done a variety of shops for them (doughnuts,offices supplies, mobile phone kiosks) and have always been paid on time. Their reports are straight forward and do not require excessive narrative.

I have had a few clarifications come back on my reports, but as long as you answer within their time frame there are no issues.
Love this company but it seems the work has slowed. Are they still shopping for a large chain electronic company?
Doing some Medicare phone shops for them tomorrow.

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Miss those coffee shops. I do hope we get them back. The medicare shops just dont do it for me. Never a problem with payment.
The only things STN do in my area are office supply stores and the healthcare presentation. I've done the office supply stores but I'm a little leery of doing the healthcare thing.
I think I know why our bookstore coffee shop is gone. The coffee shop turned into a yogurt stall in the bookstore. Is yogurt the new coffee?

Jacksonville still has office supply, doughnuts, health care shops, and a high end grocery store chain.
I love doing the Medicare shops. I was rejected once because I did not ask a question. I heard about it the hard way by looking at the rejection log. Two time already I was rejected for the shop but I emailed the scheduler and he corrected the situation and I got paid. I do two shops per week.
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