Sassie shop not showing in Presto

Hey Y'all - I took a long break from mystery shopping and am back in the swing of things. New to me are these apps that seem to aggregate shops from companies on certain platforms.

Today, I noticed that a shop from Intelli-Shop is not showing up on the Presto app. I therefore wonder if I am missing out on other shops by not going into each MSP's website as I used to.

Further troubling is that when I logged into the Strategic Reflections website after signing up for GigSpot, it told me I had to choose whether to, for all future logins, log into the GigSpot site or the original Strategic Reflections website and that the choice I made was irrevocable. I chose GigSpot, and now I am concerned that perhaps a similar situation may be occurring where shops might be on the participating companies' websites but not on GigSpot. I kinda wish I made the other choice and could still see the individual sites.

Has anyone else experienced this, where shops are missing from the apps they supposedly should be on? I am confident that this one shop is not on Presto but is on Intelli-Shop's website.


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Yes, gigspot makes you choose. I dumped it because it was too hard to schedule routes. I transfered all my accounts to mobiaudit. Re: presto, ive seen a few sassie listings that don't show up there. I don't know if they can choose to leave a job off presto or if it's a glitch.
I believe with presto, there are a lot that don't make it to the app. I am not 100% sure on that but I would still check the individual company's site for jobs. I think a lot of what gets to presto is stuff that people can quickly self assign or things that they need lots of shoppers for and they mostly use presto for recruitment purposes.

I had the same concerns with some of the Gigspot shops but I do like the platform and that I can see many companies available shops at once.
I think it is each MSC's choice as to what goes on Presto. Right now there is one MSC that has a bunch of pretty simple c-stores on Presto but there are also some choice ones that are only o their Sassie website. Exact same job, same reimbursement, different pay. Don't know why. But even in the email notification it specifically says these particular sites are not on Presto.

Edit: nevermind, they're on Presto now but they weren't last week. And they're not blue pins.


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I am with A Customer's Point of View and we use Sassie. It is optional for us to post shops to Presto. Hope this helps.

Lisa Brutton
A Customer's Point of View, Inc.
Intelli-Shop has some Sassie-only shops. They have the ability to withhold shops from Presto if they so choose. I did a C-Store shop for them that I had done in Presto but some locations of the C-Store were set up as Sassie only and weren't on the Presto map. YMMV.

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