How many companies are you signed up with?

This summer I want to ramp this up. On another post it looks like people average 2-4 shops a day? I wondered how many companies people are signed up with - I'm assuming there's shops you don't take because you don't like them, so you need a good pool to choose from.

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About 120, although I shop with mainly 10-12 MSCs over the course of a year. I only shop part-time, though.
I can't say that I've ever counted. Most of the mystery shopping companies that I did the most work with when I 1st started have been purchased by Ipsos. I'm signed up to a bunch of mystery shopping companies that don't have any work in the area that I currently live.

So I guess the answer to your question is I don't know... Not trying to find out either. LOL
When I first started back in 2003, I signed up for anything/everything. But as far as how many I actually do shops for regularly, it's less than 10. Just because you can sign up for something doesn't mean you always should. I guess it doesn't "hurt" to sign up in the off-chance they land a client, but some of these MSC seem to focus on a region and even though I signed up, I never landed anything with them.

The huge companies get the national chains, so focus on the bigger companies like Intellishop, Market Force, Ipsos to begin with. Then you can add from there.

One thing that would be nice to see, is if people would regularly post regions they are seeing things as some things might not be nationally shopped or available.
Does anyone have something on the back burner -a MSC with a client you WANT to shop but haven’t had time yet?
Does no one search the forum before posting the same asked-and-answered questions? Multiple threads on this subject.
Yes. There was one project that I really wanted, and there were shops near me. I did not have time for them. If they will bring back the shops, I will complete those assignments. They pay well and reimburse for something of quality. Win!

@Rousseau: This is not such a bad question. Considering the rapid and numerous changes in this industry (retail implosion, pandemic, etc.) we all could use a reminder from time to time to find out which clients and MSC's still exist.

How many people signed up for x number of companies but in reality (due to business closures) are now signed up with fewer than that?

@Tanischri87 wrote:

Does anyone have something on the back burner -a MSC with a client you WANT to shop but haven’t had time yet?

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@Tanischri87 wrote:

Does anyone have something on the back burner -a MSC with a client you WANT to shop but haven’t had time yet?

Im sure we all have those. There are these wellness 1s, $150 apiece, 7 of them and clearly, no one lives in the area. If they hit $200, I will find the time. Another 1 is for a phone shop, $120 but there is nothing else in the area but that shop.
I'm signed up with right at 100 companies. However, although I started shopping years ago, it has been an off and on thing for me. As with others, I only shop with a few companies on a regular basis, and it wouldn't hurt me to cull my list. A lot of this business really is regional, and a great company for one may not ever even have a shop for folks in another area. I am always signing up with new companies though, on the chance that they may have something in my area or niche.

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scaithamer- definitely...Ipsos pays fast, but communicates if you are organized and correct 99% of the time...they are fine.....and they are a big player in MS. Intellishop is trying to keep up, but I detect a certain "chip on the shoulder " with most of their people.....have felt that way for a number of years now....still, when they get desperate, as with Ipsos, the bonuses flow, and they pay on time....generally. I have signed up with about 50 companies, but really only work for 5 or 6. I only received 4 I-9's last year....
@Rousseau wrote:

Does no one search the forum before posting the same asked-and-answered questions? Multiple threads on this subject.

Some people enjoy getting opinions from this calendar year, actually.

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Bread & butter can change rapidly.

For example, Sinclair Customer Metrics
2014 - $34
2015 - $331
2016 ‐ $169
2017 ‐ $122
2018 - $6,627 plus about 6k in reimbursements
2019 - $971
2020 - $0
2021 ‐ $0
2022 - $0

2018/2019 they had an AMAZING project. You never know when a company will get a client/ project that will make you some money.

@scaithamer wrote:

Seems like once you find your bread and butter, you stick with it!
To add to that, Sinclair had a great project in 2021 in a limited number of states that did not include where luckygirl lives and works. I made a very tidy sum from that project, having almost never worked for Sinclair before.

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When I first started shopping, I signed up for about 200 companies. I did at least 1 shop for most of them. Now, I do shops for maybe 20 different companies a year and 5 on a regular basis.

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