Market Force Pay Question

I got my check from Market Force. I just want to clarify: The "fee" is how much you got for the shop and the "Special" is the reimbursement money. Is that correct?

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Shop Fee Purchase Reimb. Other Reimb. Total
These are the columns on the payment page.
Not sure what Special is
I have never received a paper check from Market Force - I am signed up for direct deposit. I have a "Payment Details" section in the shopper portal that looks exactly like the description by @big_sky_thunder. Does the amount listed as "Special" on your pay stub equate to the amount listed as reimbursement when you accepted the shop? Did you submit tolls, parking, or other expenses requiring a separate entry?

This question would probably best be answered by someone like @mfisherri on this forum or you could email the help desk. Best wishes! smiling smiley

@Lisa1978 wrote:

On the payment stub when they send you a check it says Fee then Special.
Thanks for the shout out @patman9760. @Lisa1978 believe it or not, I've never seen one of our checks...LOL! If you want to DM me your name or shopper ID, I can review and reply. Otherwise, feel free to email the Help Desk for additional information. Happy Shopping all!
If the
"special" is the amount you're supposed to spend to buy gift cards, DO NOT DO IT.
Good call...I can confirm, on our Market Force checks, the "Special" is the reimbursement for the shop. For example, if you did the burger shop and spent the max - it likely says $14.20!
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