National Field-Link Inc?

Has anyone heard of or worked for this company? They contacted me for a shop but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on their website. Thank you!

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Never heard of them.. But that really means nothing, these companies change names all the time.

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I did a job for them in April. For the job I did ,the instructions were fairly detailed.I had a question about a couple of things that had to be done and they answered my email in 30 minutes. The job was a lot easier then the instructions made it sound like. They paid in 2 weeks of me completing the job. You are an IC with them. I would work for them again if they get any jobs in my area.
Anyone want to provide a link to their signup/login? What kind of assignments are you seeing? Fast food, restaurant, retail, banking, something else?
@hbbigdaddy wrote:

Anyone want to provide a link to their signup/login? What kind of assignments are you seeing? Fast food, restaurant, retail, banking, something else?

They do audits ,surveys in Grocery stores, drug stores, mass merchandise stores, etc.
They don't have a sign up page. I was contacted by them by email when I was hired.
Their website is:
They have contact information on their page.
The job I did was a more of a merchandising assignment than mystery. It was a reveled
It was checking eggs and the containers at a grocery store, and taking pictures of said item. and filling out a questionaire. The pay was double digit flat rate.
I sent an e0mail to them yesterday and got a response from Ryan O'Neil stating:

"i might have a job in Rochester. Mystery shop cell phone store audit.

Take a bunch of pictures
Do some counts of specific phones
Do some counts for ads related to those phones
Then 15-20 open ended questions about the experience.

Should take about 30 minutes in store.

$75 total pay"

Seems to be much better pay than what the MSCs are doing cell phone shops for. I had to decline as it would be a 5 hour round trip for me.
So I sent them an email last night, and they responded this morning, asking what areas of my state I would work in. I sent them back a reply, along with they types of work I would be interested in, and the types I would not do, and that I would like to keep it IC work so I can make my own schedule. They wrote back and said sometimes they do have work in my area, and will contact me if something comes up. They said they are IC, so we'll see what happens!
Thanks for your information about the company. I did end up doing a phone shop for them and communication with Ryan is quick and helpful. I was concerned about doing another job for them before getting paid for this one. But I was glad to hear that you did get paid for yours.
Hello. Just a follow-up, I did 2 shops for this company and got paid with no issue. Ryan was great to work with.
I did the egg project with them in 2019 and they were great to deal with. Haven't seen anything since, but would love to do more with them.
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